12.5.14: The Sunday Men’s Circle as of today is on hiatus and is not currently meeting. Please stay connected for the latest updates and new programs in the coming new year!


Men: each of us has one foot in the same river…

I have formed the Sunday Men’s Circle due to many inquiries and requests from men I have done personal work with in order to further their growth in life and in their relating to Woman.

There is so much that easily and naturally falls into place when men have the tools necessary to powerfully and joyfully navigate life and relationship. More importantly, when this kind of work is done together with men, there is an easy familiarity or camaraderie that is embraced when we all are on the same page. It is very difficult to get ahead when you are doing it all alone…

The Sunday Men’s Circle, first of all, a safe and sacred space.We practice using breath, sound, movement and guided meditation. With any of these, alone or in combination, we shake loose the energetic clutter in our bodies and open new space for building a strong foundation where we open the possibility of living powerful lives and reveling in the magnificence of Woman. When that energetic clutter is removed, or shaken loose, Man can operate from the natural intelligence of his gut, his Truth, where navigating life is easier and he is not confused or paralyzed by the chatter that comes from the head. Couple that benefit with the identification, implementation and integration of the 7 Core Masculine Principles. The integration of these principles are hardly possible if men do not have any connection with their bodies, their gut…their natural intelligence.

Generally speaking, a Sunday Men’s Circle has some sort of physical activity, an exercise regarding one or more of the 7 Core Principles and time to take care of men who may need help from other men.

As a direct result of doing this work, you can consider very possible a life with unshakable:

  • integrity
  • honor
  • direction
  • purpose
  • confidence

Integrating these qualities, and more, has been part of my journey over the last 11 years since I’ve been on a Men’s team and since I have started studying and practicingTantra. I have memories of having a “sense” of what these qualities were as my father laid a strong foundation for me in my formative years. Yet these were tools and qualities that I did not have a good working knowledge of and I was unknowingly inept. Thus my relationships with life and others were handled less than optimally:

  • I became a man who was tired of doing relationships the same way over and over again and ultimately getting the same predictable results.
  • I was a man who had not realized the value of having other men in my life who could be a mirror and also assist me by reflecting back their own experiences.
  • I was a man who was not living up to my potential.
  • I was a man who did not know how to hold a safe space for my woman.

Now after so many years, I have the kind of clarity, confidence and peace that comes from an easily accessible intuitive knowing of how to operate in life on an ever increasingly powerful level. When I first started the Sunday Men’s Circle, I received an email from a woman who was really excited that I started this circle. She, apparently writing for all women, wrote, “we are listening…we are waiting.” It is so clear to me that Woman is craving to be met by Man who is operating from an open heart and a strong foundation.

When woman is powerfully and unconditionally met, she has the freedom to open, like a delicate, fragrant lily revealing all the vibrant, rich colors of the petals and the subsequent releasing of the sweetest of fragrances. In this moment, Man and Woman win and by design the world wins too. Ideally, this opening of Woman is so appealing that it absolutely compels Man to show up as even more of a man which compels Woman to open up even more as woman… and so on.

In my relationship with Charu, I have a direct experience of this. I see it as each of us ratcheting up this relationship level by level with no end in sight. It just gets better. Conversely, it also gets more challenging… and that’s where the7 Core Masculine Principles come into play along with a deeper tapping into the heart.

I feel that there is huge potential available for all men to live large!

The women are listening and they are waiting…

I see the value for all men and I want to walk side by side with other men who walk tall and strong!