Martin Hannon is founder of “The Best of Man”. He has dedicated his life to supporting Men in reconnecting to their intuitive masculine power, to move authentically in the world and experience the magnificence of Woman.

One of the greatest issues in relationship today is that modern men and women have been taught to neutralize their ‘charge’ – to become more alike and ‘get along smoothly.’ Martin fearlessly invites men to rediscover what it truly is to be a man and from that place to “rock your woman’s world.”

Martin’s unique ‘no bullshit’ & heartfelt coaching style draws from his extensive life experiences…everything from:

  • 11 years of learning, teaching and leadership involvement in Men’s Division International
  • 11 years of Tantric studies
  • single father who raised two small children to adulthood
  • 9 years as a former L.A. County Paramedic
  • 13 years as a Family Practice and Cardiology Physician Assistant

He is also a Black Belt instructor, and student, in Kenpo Karate and is enjoying the 10th year of a high quality, Long Term committed and powerfully intimate relationship with his beloved, Charu of Embody Tantra.