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*Ask Martin* (#2) Your Love, Sex and Relationship Questions answered

“Hi Martin! I always love hearing your viewpoint. You are amazing!!! I am very comfortable in my sexuality but honestly, I […]

It’s not him/her ~ it’s *You*

It’s not him/her ~ it’s *You.* I can help.
Transform your perspective and create a new kind of partnership. Shed light […]

*Ask Martin*: your Love, Sex and Relationship questions answered (#1)

“….I recognize the truth of your answer because of the way your reply feels in my body…
It washes through me […]

While you color your eggs…

Today is Easter Sunday…aaaand, you already knew that….no mystery here.
We all know that Easter is a celebration of what has […]

The “Red Line.”

A “red line” (referencing current events in Syria) was drawn some time ago. For all the world to see, it […]

“Facing My *Empty Nest* “

“Yes, Tom, these are the changes I need to make:
* take Lauren’s name off of the policy,
* and remove her […]

“Outing” Myself…a very personal trip into the depths.

Another layer has been ripped away…and *this* one was a deep one….down to the literal core of my being. The […]

A very *personal* look at Commitment:

4 nights ago, I made a commitment to Charu that I would show up to do a daily practice of […]

Father of the Bride…Me!

Riding the razor’s edge between joy and sadness. This is a very personal and honest rambling into the world that […]

The Oscars are over… now what?

Last weekend was all about the Oscars…personally, I just don’t get it….I never have…. it just doesn’t “light me up” […]