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What Can a Man Learn from Other Men?

Do you think you know it all?  Maybe you have it all figured out… do you?! Even if that were […]

Can YOU stand in that fire?

The following is just what flowed out of me as I was just now writing a private session synopsis for […]

What is YOUR Declaration of Independence

Today, we celebrate the birth of the United States!!
235 years ago, something absolutely remarkable came from many men, most notably, […]

There’s Tantra in the 7 Eleven!!

Tantra in a 7 Eleven?! It’s the last thing you would expect right?
Yet little does anyone know that Tantric connection […]

Let it H A V E you…

While coaching men, I encourage them to let whatever feelings (anger, grief, frustration, doubt, fear) that are coming up, to […]

I’m often asked, what is Tantric Lovemaking like?

How can I possibly explain ALL that was in the moment when these 6 words passed through my lips today:
“Thank […]

No More Unsolicited and Empty Apologies

I was asked recently by several men what I thought of the “Dear Woman” video worming its way through you […]

Attention: All Men Are On Notice

Beyond the physical act of just “putting the thing inside the thing” there exists a very real potential where, under […]

Victor or Victim..Choose

As human beings we are blessed by the richness of emotions…. or we are driven by them. There is tremendous […]

Men: Solve Your Problems! Read here to find out how…

Peace of mind…calm…stillness….the topics life brought to me on numerous occasions last week:
I was talking to a man I know […]