It’s not him/her ~ it’s *You*

It’s not him/her ~ it’s *You.* I can help.

Transform your perspective and create a new kind of partnership. Shed light on your blind spots and finally align with the relationship you long for.

For the past 5 years as a Relationship Coach for primarily Men, who are desiring a deeply and powerfully intimate relationship with their partners, I am asked many different questions that often cut right into the soft spot ….where it hurts and stings. Without answers or guidance, it becomes difficult to be fully engaged in ANY relationship with ALL of YOU!

Am I good enough to penetrate a woman?”

I sometimes lose my erection during sex….what’s wrong with me?

How do I re-gain my sexual desire for my partner?

and I have heard from the women too. They ask:

“What if I do not orgasm with my partner…”

“How do I attract someone who is open to me being All of me …how can I be authentically open to receiving from a man without having to be inauthentic by giving up or hiding aspects of me that are powerful, wild and independent?”

“How do I trust him again…?”

“How will I know when I am ready to be in relationship again?”

“What can I do for him that will make him feel as amazing as he makes me feel?”

Aren’t these great questions….and haven’t each of us, me included, found any of these personally relatable!?

I recently asked out loud to the Facebook Community for anyone to “ask Martin” what are your biggest sex and relationship questions.

Over the next few days, I will answer some of the questions and post them on my blog and on FB. I assure you that I will have clear and absolute permission to post from all involved and will use pseudonyms to protect confidentiality. (Check for links on my Facebook page).

We all have questions, if you would like your pressing dating and relationship questions answered by me, please join me in Los Angeles on May 10th. I will be doing my first ever “Ask Martin” live event specifically designed to give you laser coaching to get you where you long to be in relationship.

Join us Saturday, May 10th 7pm
West LA (Near Playa Vista)
$47 per person/ $37 early registration by Friday May 2

Register here:

*Address given upon registration. A Facebook RSVP does not guarantee you a space at this event, please use the payment link to complete your registration.

Special discounted couples rate register here:

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