The “Red Line.”

A “red line” (referencing current events in Syria) was drawn some time ago. For all the world to see, it was simply and clearly stated: If “X” happens then “this” will be the result.”

At that time, nobody squawked…

I guess the world either didn’t believe that the “red line” was *really* a “red line” and ultimately not worth the trouble to talk about.

Or that it was taken on the best belief of faith that no one would dare (we hoped) cross the “red line” which made any conversation of it’s enforceability and consequences / benefits thereof moot…

What a parallel to our own “smaller” lives!

  • Have you ever drawn a “red line” for something in your life that sounded good at the time and hoped that life would never cross it?
  • Instead of being in action around your own “red line,” are you paralyzed by seemingly endless mental justifications / arguments / discussions?
  • Is any action you said you would take endlessly stalled and influenced by outside motivations and agendas that you believe may fracture or enhance your reputation?
  • Was your “red line” not thoroughly thought out?
  • How many times have you said to yourself after a particularly distasteful experience, ” This is the last time… I am not going to let that happen again!” …and then, over and again, it does?
  • How many times have you sworn to yourself never to do “X” and you did anyways because you were afraid of judgment or criticism from others… even when you intuitively *knew* that your action is the right thing to do?

I am a firm believer of “less talk…more action.” I also believe in doing what I said I would do. And, I must admit that drawing the lines, which define and inform my actions is at times, hard for me too.

I want to be liked and I want people to say nice things about me too….just like you. In fact, many decisions I made and the actions I took were influenced by how would I look to others. Would people still like me and be my friend? Will she get in bed with me tonight if I do “X”?

There came a point for me many years ago where I was living my life for others and not for me. I felt lost, small and impotent. My neck began to hurt from swiveling my head around and around looking for the approval of others…life h u r t.

I almost never drew a line…let alone a “red line.

Later after I had become sufficiently tired of the h u r t that came from selling myself out (even some male friends of mine told me that I was pussy whipped and flat out questioned what I stood for), I began to explore with these same men, what it was about me that I could believe in…to feel and know the truth of:

  • who I am
  • where I am going and
  • what I will fight for

After a long road of reconstruction, I am clear. I own these parts of me.

From the further clarity of my connection to my Higher Purpose, I know that when I am in action, a few of those actions will upset some people who do not agree. Conversely and gratefully, I will draw close to me those who can finally see who I really am instead of the impostor I was.

When I draw a line which may require or compel an action, I draw it.

It feels good to be in action….it feels good to be clear….!!

**Let’s spend some time exploring this for each of you in the next Sunday Men’s Circle. Let’s learn from the experience of our men how we can ALL bring The Best of us…each of us out into the world where we don’t h u r t anymore…

**We meet again in our Community of Men at the same park here in Culver City from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm.

**We uncover and look into the truth of each of us. You will walk away with more insight, knowledge and clarity for action….

If you need directions, let me know.

I also invite your comments….let your voice be heard!



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