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“During our session, Martin guided me to embrace the fullness of who I am as a feminine, radiant and powerful woman, in support of inviting my romantic partner to co-create a deepening of the love, intimacy and passion in our relationship. I left our session feeling inspired and empowered, anchored in my heart, and ready to cultivate a relationship that will move me and my partner to our cores.”
~ Cami, Los Angeles
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I called Martin last week with a question which went something like this: “If I am creating an experience for my man…from the male perspective, what is the most compelling, desired, or favorite component that your woman could give/create for you?”
Martin’s response, and how he sensitively met me & my inquiry, was magical and transformational.
He lovingly helped me make the subtle, powerful shift from being outwardly, almost ‘performance-focused’ to inviting me back to myself. I got to see that what ‘He’ craves is simple and pure and a natural pleasure to share….the soft, openness of my heart, allowing him in to feel me there, and the magic that effortlessly unfolds in the richness of being in the ‘awesomeness’ of me. 
Deep bow of gratitude, Martin. The weekend with my man was heaven on Earth, and my way of being was deeply influenced by our conversation….thank you! 



Tamara Testimonial Photo

*Martin is an incredible teacher and mentor!  As a participant in Tantra workshops, I’ve appreciated him for bringing such a powerful masculine energy to the room, and at the same time, such a sweet and gentle reverence for his Beloved, Charu.  He has supported me by guiding me to drop deeper into my body and challenged me to reach for my own freedom with my voice and through my body.
*Recently I had the opportunity to ask him a relationship question that was important to me.  His answer was like a key that unlocked a door.  As I stepped through this door, I found myself in the garden of my heart and recognized the blossoms of truth that had been growing within me all these years.  His response was simple, and yet delivered in a way that I could hear it with my body as a rush of power and self-trust.  Martin has helped me to understand that in order to be loved for ALL that I am, I only have to relax and allow myself to be ALL that I am.  To be cherished and valued by a man, I must continue to cherish and value myself.
*Martin truly touches so many men and women through his work!  He’s one of those rare beings who listens deeply to others and sees them through the eyes of the heart.  I’m honored to know him and grateful for the impact he’s had on my life this past year!
– Tamara Ocean
  Writer, Life Coach, Dancer, and Lover


Kristina-testimonial photo

My partner and I decided to reconnect after time apart and were experiencing challenges in our relationship. We both wanted to connect deeply but our road blocks presented more like barricades than speed bumps. I began searching for a coach that was masculine, for my partner to feel comfortable; open and tenderhearted, so I would feel heard and understood; and someone who knew how to dance the tricky territory of a relationship.

Martin was all that and more.  He came into our home to ensure we felt safe and secure in a familiar environment. He was completely present, open, supportive and an amazing sounding board. He stretched us individually and as a couple by gently taking us out of comfort zone into a heart space of vulnerability with such integrity and grace. He is able to walk men into their heart and the world of their emotion allowing the femininity of a woman to open and blossom.

Martin is an incredible sounding board for women. He patiently listens, genuinely understands, and provides insightful feedback to women from a place of integrity, compassion, and authenticity. I am filled with so much gratitude for Martin and the space he holds for both men and women. Martin fights for the side of love with a bold twist of masculinity.



Pamelah photo for testimonial

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Martin
as a magnificent, insightful mentor and coach.
Twice Martin has helped me gain very clear
insight, in his down-to-earth approach and
clear feedback. One of the things I so appreciate
about Martin is his laser eye to hone in on “the
thing” that is coming up in the moment.
Highly intuitive and insightful, Martin brings
those skills to his practical solutions approach
to supporting each person.
PLUS, he is an excellent listener, truly present
when he is with you and is highly wise. I always
feel so much more clear with the next step to
take when I am at the receiving end of his
Pamelah Landers
International Author, Mentor for Relationships and
Master Hand Analyst
Los Angeles, CA


A video testimonial from Satya:


After reading my blog…

Jennifer“Wave after wave of gratitude is washing over my body as I read this. Gratitude for how openly you both [Martin & Charu] share your love, knowledge, insecurities and the myriads steps along the way of developing a relationship that truly is the essence of intimacy. Relationships can push our growth faster than any other modality depending on how we “show up” and the greatest gift you give us all is through example of what can develop when we show up fully, authentically, grounded in our truth and intentions and with love fully in our hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”~ Jennifer ~


Another from one of the Women

Laurence“Martin embodies a great message for all men — it is possible to be true to what it is to be a man and also to be loving and present for your woman. Further, he shows us the steps to take…putting down the age old differences and finding intimacy through meeting and seeing each other authentically.”

~ Laurence ~