While you color your eggs…


Today is Easter Sunday…aaaand, you already knew that….no mystery here.

We all know that Easter is a celebration of what has died and now has risen. Every artistic rendering paints the Resurrection in the warmest and most brilliant of light. There appears in the faces of all, and of the risen, a combination of relaxation, openness and a wonder of the newness.

What has died, has amazingly come back and not only that, it has come back even better!

(actually, it was brilliant marketing campaign…what a better way to swell the crowds of your list than to come back from the dead!! Now *that* is enrollment!…*as I sheepishly look over my shoulder for the lightening bolt to silence my blasphemy before I push this send button   :mrgreen: *)

So how can this apply to you beyond the value you hold for the important religious context?

  • What is inside of you that is no longer serving you….?
  • What never ending looping story is holding you back…?
  • What *less than*  way of being are you bringing to your intimate relationship….?

Why are you holding yourself back, in the shadows, as opposed to stepping out with all of you into the warmth of the light?

For me, life is calling out to me….in fact, it is even *pulling me out* farther into the world to express what I have to offer and frankly, it scares me. I am uncomfortable. I am being asked to step out and from my own raw experiences and unique insight, passion and vulnerability be a speaker to men and women that will address the topics that no one else is candidly speaking of in order to promote the possibility for all to be in powerfully intimate relationships.

Right now, I feel “comfortable” where I am. I am beginning my 5th year hosting a weekly Sunday Men’s Circle and I have one on one personal clients. Yet, the nagging truth *is* that there is more available for me *beyond* my fears and my self limiting BS nonsense beliefs and it exists right smack dab in the middle of my discomfort.

What is holding me back must die…I must let it go to make space for what wants to happen.

This inquiry is what I can take away as Easter comes and goes. It is fuel for my growth…and I am not done growing.

For each of you, what is inside of you waiting to be expressed? What has died within you or what is ready to be shed off of you, to make way for what is new…..

for what will naturally and effortlessly radiate a warmth and brilliance off of you onto the world and will ultimately affect, in unknowing ways, the lives of others?

Just a little something here to pique your interest…

or, you could continue to choose to stay in your shadow. or worse yet, all the while even being afraid of your shadow as you hide in your shadow… or you could choose to step out with what it is you have to offer and then let Life have it’s own experience of you!

It is a simple matter of choice and not meaning at all to minimize the very real fear of looking bad or risking the carefully constructed and guarded relationships that are really just hanging on by a string anyways…

Leave behind the shroud that is holding what isn’t really working for you and step out into the light! Trust me…it isn’t easy and yet to live a life that is not fully self expressed is a life that is not fully lived.

Let it die and fall away…and allow more of YOU to be resurrected and to live!

I invite your comments and thank you for reading…

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